Would you get a 'vampire facial'?

Posted by on 18 March, 2013
Would you get a 'vampire facial'? News.com.au

VampireNot for the feint of heart!!

  1. Here are the down sides...
  2. We don't know if there are long term dangers including cancer as it hasn't been properly studied
  3. It's given without using local anaesthetic using a BIG needle. OUCHHHHHHHH
  4. You can be bruised on your face for 2 weeks straight
  5. We're not sure whether the skin smoothness is because the skin is inflamed and swollen or whether the platelet growth factors actually help the skin grow new collagen and blood vessels.

Here are the upsides...

  1. It might work as an anti aging product
  2. You would be just like Kim Kardashian if you got it done

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