Discovering your own dark side on the world wide web

Posted by on 18 March, 2010
Oh no! I can't look! Oh no! I can't look!
Out of a combination of vanity and paranoia, I subscribe to 'google updates' for my name. Every day I get a little alert of anything new posted under Ginni Mansberg. Always benign and usually boring.

So today you can imagine my abject horror to receive an alert yesterday with the words ' FREE video download of HOT Doctor Ginni Mansberg....'  

I followed the link with my heart in my mouth. Had someone superimposed my face on some nasty porn reel? Had I been caught on someone's phone cam with my bra showing or scratching my bum? The website is clearly Russian or Bulgarian or maybe Khazak... It's clearly done on a budget but the welcome page does have a pic of a lass in lingerie minus the head. So far so hideous. And there was my name;

'FREE download video of HOT doctor Ginni Mansberg.....' The link in red was blinking evilly at me. My God someone had to do it and it might as well be me....

I clicked on the link and up popped.....

A Morning Show video. Unedited. I have all my clothes on and do nothing embarrassing with my hands. I almost laughed out loud.

If you come across someone who speaks Russian, Bulgarian, Khazak etc, maybe I'll ask for a translation!

Oh and if you're interested..... The link seems to be broken when I tried to hit it today.