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TV, radio, speaking and consulting. Consult in strategy and communications in healthcare.


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Aside from my practice in Sydney’s south, I'm an author with five books under my belt. I have also worked extensively as a speaker, columnist, podcaster, media commentator and on TV. I’m the resident GP on Channel 7’s Sunrise, as well as the host of Embarrassing Bodies Down Under and Medicine or Myth. I’m also an entrepreneur with a cosmeceutical skincare company, Evidence Skincare and am a board director and consultant.

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    I'm a regular speaker on health and wellness throughout Australia. Highly respected and regarded Doctor in Australia and available for speaking engagements on any topic regarding health and wellness. I'm a physician, entrepreneur, director, columnist, media commentator, author, former political advisor and speaker. Always lively and entertaining, interactive, knowledgeable, compassionate, I speak on a number of topics for audiences from 20 to 500. Should you like me, to speak at your function, event or via Webinar, please please find the 'contact' option below and I will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your requirements.

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    Apart from being a GP with a busy practice in Sydney’s Sans Souci, I am also an entrepreneur, Director, TV presenter, podcaster, columnist, media commentator, author, former political advisor and speaker. Combining these experiences with qualifications in medicine (B.MED University of Newcastle), communications (Grad Dip Journalism UTS Sydney), and governance (Australian Institute of Company Directors) I consult in strategy and communications in the healthcare space. I have experience in both B to C and B to B strategies utilizing new media and traditional communication platforms.


    "When we looked for an expert GP to join our panel, Dr Ginni Mansberg was our first choice. Her expert knowledge, practical advice and humorous delivery made her stand out speaker at our Trust Your Gut roadshow events. As a key opinion leader and panellist, Ginni delivered our key messages in her relatable style to help break down the stigma around gut health and bowel cancer. Ginni was also a firm audience favourite and a delight to work with."




    ginni mansberg the new teen age book

    Save Your Brain By Dr Ginni Mansberg

    The evidence is clear almost half of all cases of dementia and cognitive decline are preventable. But sadly none are treatable.

    So what are the lifestyle changes that really make a difference to our brain health? What do the experts do to protect themselves from cognitive decline? And what can we do right now to preserve our quality of life as we age?

    Save Your Brain answers all these questions and more. As we age, dementia and Alzheimer's pose a serious threat to our health and wellbeing. To give us a running start in the fight against cognitive decline, GP and acclaimed broadcaster Dr Ginni Mansberg presents the very latest evidence based research on how to protect your most valuable asset your clever, vulnerable, powerful brain. As the health of our brains increasingly takes centre stage, Ginni gives up to the minute advice and strategies you can implement now to protect your brain as you age.

    A must read for anyone looking to maintain their quality of life, or that of loved ones, into old age.


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