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celebrity doctor author ginni mansberg


Interested to know a little more about me?

Ginni Mansberg is a well known celebrity doctor in Australia. She is a Sydney GP on TV with Embarrassing Bodies Down Under (Channel 9), Sunrise & Morning Show (Channel7), Things You Can't Talk About on TV.

celebrity doctor author ginni mansberg



celebrity doctor author ginni mansberg

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09th Sep, 2020

Sleep Deprivation News

Sandra popped in to see me the other day for a routine script. She had come hot from grabbing 3 year old Polly from day care and was still in her suit. Sandra who is attractive, capable whose little girl who is so gorgeous pe...

09th Sep, 2020

The problem with blood pr...

You think you’ve got problems? Try telling someone that their blood pressure reading is high and I’ll guarantee you’ll be faced with incredulity, skepticism or simply frank dismay. “But my blood pressure’s always been low,” i...

09th Sep, 2020

Dr Google NBN

I often get asked to throw cold water over the idea of “Dr Google”- the tendency to whack symptoms into a Google bar and self diagnose all manner of problems. Look, trawling the net certainly can be fodder for anxiety. As the...

ginni mansberg the new teen age book

Save Your Brain By Dr Ginni Mansberg

The evidence is clear almost half of all cases of dementia and cognitive decline are preventable. But sadly none are treatable.

So what are the lifestyle changes that really make a difference to our brain health? What do the experts do to protect themselves from cognitive decline? And what can we do right now to preserve our quality of life as we age?

Save Your Brain answers all these questions and more. As we age, dementia and Alzheimer's pose a serious threat to our health and wellbeing. To give us a running start in the fight against cognitive decline, GP and acclaimed broadcaster Dr Ginni Mansberg presents the very latest evidence based research on how to protect your most valuable asset your clever, vulnerable, powerful brain. As the health of our brains increasingly takes centre stage, Ginni gives up to the minute advice and strategies you can implement now to protect your brain as you age.

A must read for anyone looking to maintain their quality of life, or that of loved ones, into old age.


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