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ginni mansberg the new teen age book

The New Teen Age, How to support today's Tweens and Teens to become healthy happy adults


The M Word is a best seller helping midlife women. Menopause and peri-menopause are among our last taboo subjects. I tackle mood swings, hot flushes, weight gain, itchy skin, low libido… Nothing is off limits! The M Word is about you and your choices with solid evidence based solutions to every aspect of menopause!

the m word ginni mansberg book

how to handle your hormones ginni mansberg book

How To Handle Your Hormones is your one stop evidence based guide to handling hormonal problems from acne to weight gain, exhaustion to bloating and low libido.


How to Get your Mojo Back is everywoman's guide to taking a minute for herself and turning her hectic and stressful life into one that is fulfilling.

how to get your mojo back ginni mansberg book


consult magazine newspaper doctor ginni mansberg

I regularly consult and write articles for many magazines and newspapers throughout Australia.

Articles about menopause for The Carousel.

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the carousel article doctor ginni mansberg
the guardian article doctor ginni mansberg

The menopause myth: how demonised HRT came back from the brink.

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How much Vitamin D do you really need?

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vitamin d article doctor ginni mansberg


ginni mansberg the new teen age book

Save Your Brain By Dr Ginni Mansberg

The evidence is clear almost half of all cases of dementia and cognitive decline are preventable. But sadly none are treatable.

So what are the lifestyle changes that really make a difference to our brain health? What do the experts do to protect themselves from cognitive decline? And what can we do right now to preserve our quality of life as we age?

Save Your Brain answers all these questions and more. As we age, dementia and Alzheimer's pose a serious threat to our health and wellbeing. To give us a running start in the fight against cognitive decline, GP and acclaimed broadcaster Dr Ginni Mansberg presents the very latest evidence based research on how to protect your most valuable asset your clever, vulnerable, powerful brain. As the health of our brains increasingly takes centre stage, Ginni gives up to the minute advice and strategies you can implement now to protect your brain as you age.

A must read for anyone looking to maintain their quality of life, or that of loved ones, into old age.


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